Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

'Twas a night before Christmas and I don't feel like writing much. However I found this quite a while ago through my tumblr I've bolded the things that I have done and I'm turning this into a tag bitches.

Things to do before Kicking the Bucket

1. Write the story of your life
2. Watch every James Bond film
3. Sing along in a music store

I was at Tower Records with Munkao and Backstreet's Back came on the sound system. I was like "OMG!! BSB! Childhood flash back!" then I got excited so I started singing along with it. Loudly. Then I realised that I still kinda remember the dance move from the video- I mean c'mon let's face it....if you grew up in the 90s the way I did you would know that the video to that song is the Shit. So I started doing random dance moves that I remember of. Right there, in public, in Tower Records Mid Valley...with people watching. Dude...the look on Munkao's face was priceless.

I think he said something along the lines of "If you're not a girl, I punch you in the face maaaan." Then practically dragged me out of the store. This happened last year by the way, in case you were wondering. So not only did I sang out loud in a record store, I danced too bitches.

4. Build a snow cave
5. Get in the record books
6. Turn your mobile phone off for a week

In all technicality this only happen cause my phone was spoilt so I send it to be fix.

7. Run in fancy dress for charity
8. Blow a month’s wages on shoes
9. Paint a self-portrait
10. Bury a time capsule
11. Leave behind a million dollars
12. Learn to play a song
13. Plant a tree and carve your name
14. Go on holiday with no luggage
15. Have a night at the opera
16. Learn a different language

17. Play an elaborate practical joke
18. Host a cocktail party
19. Spend Christmas Day helping out
20. Meditate for 3 hours in one setting
21. Spend a week at sea
22. Get re-married in Vegas
23. Skinny dip at midnight
24. Have a suit hand made

Since I'm a girl I think it's fair to take "suit" as dress and by that, I did have one hand made. Okies?

25. Spend the night in a haunted house
26. Make fire the old-fashioned way
27. Swing through the air on a trapeze
28. Horse-ride through the surf
29. Read a book a fortnight a year
30. Make your own pasta
31. Swim with something big
32. Sleep outdoors watching the stars

Remember Starlight Cinema? My best friend and I went for the Lord of the Rings Marathon. It started at 8pm Saturday and it finished round 9am-ish Sunday. I forgot the exact date. But it was in a field, picnic style. We watched the extended version of all 3 movies but sometimes during Two Towers we fell asleep on the picnic blanket under the stars. We were lucky it did not rain but it was such a great experience. And a total girly bonding moment between my best friend and I.

33. Create an online alter-ego

Who the hell do you think the Constantly Dramatic One is?

34. Cook something you’ve grown
35. Resign by all-staff email
36. Go out shopping in just a Drizabone
37. Catch a fish and eat it that day
38. Brew your own beer
39. Learn to throw a boomerang
40. Ride a giant rollercoaster

41. Surf and snowboard in one day
42. Build a tree house
43. Take pole-dancing lessons
44. Pash a policeman on New Year’s Eve
45. Do a Roar & Snore at the zoo
46. Give a homeless person your lunch

47. View a house you can’t afford
48. Hire a house boat
49. Go trekking, carrying all your gear
50. Build something that will outlast you
51. Research your family tree
52. Go to a bedding store in your PJs
53. Cut your own hair
54. Get involved in a protest rally
55. Make a crowd sign for the cricket
56. Leave a love note on a windscreen
57. Build a giant sandcastle
58. Blow a kiss to a bikie

Not a bikie per say. But a cute guy in a Honda Jazz during a traffic jam.

59. Wear fancy dress for a whole day
60. Spend an hour in a lift
61. Get your fortune told
62. Make a baby laugh
63. Make a snowman
64. Make love on the beach
65. Help out at a soup kitchen
66. Send flowers for no reason at all
67. Watch the sun rise
68. Watch the sun set
69. Make a cake for the teachers
70. Take the day off on your birthday
71. Spend Christmas Day in Lapland
72. Make a heap of autumn leaves
73. Walk through knee-deep mud
74. Tell your Mum you love her
75. Have a night at the ballet
76. Take evening classes with a friend
77. Take tap-dancing lessons
78. Write a letter to your grandchildren
79. Smile at 100 strangers

80. Read the plays of Shakespeare
81. Do a first-aid course
82. Keep a diary for a whole year

Actually I did for 5 years. Aged 13-17. I no longer do but I still have all 5 of them.

83. Google yourself
84. Visit your parents in a limo
85. Live off the land for a week
86. Listen to your iPod right through
87. Fast for 48 hours

When I was 15, I had some sort of eating disorder issue. Bullimic basically. I went through 3...4 days without food then binging on the 5th day and then throwing it up. 48 hours with no food or water? No big. Just ask anyone who has an eating disorder. I'm sooo glad that I am in a much better place in my life now.

88. Skip with your kids along the beach
89. Take a vow of silence
90. Finish a crossword or sudoku
91. Give blood

Done it 3 times this year. Done it 11 times all together. It's just blood. No need to be stingy.

92. Write to your favourite author

Not just one author mind you. 3 of them through snail mail. True story.

93. Walk a marathon
94. Contact your childhood sweetheart
95. Give an emo a big sloppy kiss
96. Pretend to be invisible
97. Buy some outrageous sunnies
98. Wind up a security guard

One day, I shall blog about this one particular episode...

99. Send a message in a bottle
100. Make a kite and fly it
101. Test-drive a car you can’t afford

Out of a 101, I have only done 26. Wow, thank God I'm only in my early twenties man. If I'm 45 and have only done 26 of these, I'll be really depressed. Like seriously.
If you read this blog, considered your ass tagged. The following video is a gift from me to you, especially to those kids who were born in the 80s but grew up in the 90s. This one is for you.

Happy Christmas everyone!


MisSmall said...

I've done a few more than 26, but I'm also a little bit older than you. Just A LITTLE. :D

Merry Christmas to you too, gal. :)

AJ said...

Happy Christmas CD =)

Tinta Sisyphus said...

heh lagu ni..gila lah kenangan.

joshua said...

Happy Happy Joyful Fantabulous Christmas, CDO!!!

What a great list of things to do BEFORE ahem ahem!

Me being a himbo and short-sighted and all that... it really never crosses my mind. LOL haha

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Which one, out of the things that you have done is your favourite?


Happy Christmas to you too o' Fabulous One =D


Kan? Ahhhh...nostalgia zaman silam. Itu belum dengar lagu KRU lagi...tu lagi powerful.


Oh it's not my list! I found it online. Chech lupa lak wanna link to the site =P

jaak said...

thx for the video, brings back sweet memories of visits to SEA in the 1990s. 'met natal mbak CD!

Frank said...



Well, okay, but not until after Christmas :P

Tinta Sisyphus said...

sudah dibuat apa yang perlu.

sab said...

Merry Christmas hun! :) love the list!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Selamat Hari Natal kepada mu juga Jaak.

(No quirky link this time?)


No, you must do it NOW. =P


Bagus. Very efficient.


Thank you and Happy Christmas to you too! =D

Tinesh said...

Crap. i am soooo damn ashamed to admit this, but i remember the lyrics to the song. not the dance steps tho. that was only reserved for NSYNC songs hehe.

But yea, cheesy song, cheesy video, lucky im in the heavy metal industry now haha

siedne said...

hey, i just noticed that you linked to me. yay! will link you back when blogrolling works again, they're taking ages to fix a bug :s

Technodoll said...

OK first, that is a FAB pinup! You always find the bestest ones :-D

And second, how long did it take you to write this amazing post, LOL!

Loved it, love ya and Happy Safe Healthy Holidays, my dearest!


quin browne said...

you have amazing goals... i didn't see 'see my personal sunflower' on them...

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Dude! That song was the shit! Don't deny it. OMG! My farewell party! The music is going to be the hits from the 90s only. OMG!!!!! OSSSSSUM!!


Oh thank you. You don't have too if you dont want too. But if you do, plase DO NOT link by my real name. You know how I roll in the blogsphere- semi anonymity.


I did not come up with the post. I mean the list, I found it online =)


I shall add it then! =D

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Damn, who are all these hot guys who read your blog?

winda said...

hey, it's not that i'm stingy but i have low blood pressure i cant, ever, donate my blood.

that said, my list will be done after holiday. Dang you for tagging my ass! lol.

and in the case i'm not online tomorrow, happy tahun baru hijriah!!
(me dunno the english :P)

Anonymous said...

mkayy~ a christmas tag!

just got back from kampung btw, have a wonderful christmas and a joyous new year TCDO.

and OMG, the video! old school. used to be my fav boy band back in primary school. lol..

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I dunno...but goddamn! They are hot, no? =D


Dude, you're always on holiday....I wanna come too!! =S


Mine was 5ive. Rmbr them? 5ive...ahhh they rocked my world they did.

Tine said...

I'm going to nick this tag. Man I have lots to do before falling off the perch.